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Services firm based in Hong Kong specialized in Strategic Retail Advisory  (on an  Industry and corporate level)    
to corporations who are engaged in  Retailing;  Property;
Retail related industries businesses serving retailers (i.e.  consumer driven, consumer products oriented or service suppliers / providers to name a few) organizations with an interest in retailing Non-retail and educational institutions.  
Scope of Services:  
  • Advisory on Hong Kong's Retail Industry
 / Retailing Industry issues / Retailing   
 Dynamics in Hong Kong
  • Education / Training / Research / Studies
  • Business Consulting and Development
  (Retail & Non-Retail) / 
Opportunities for Growth & Trade /
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New Retail Concepts?        Collaboration with International bodies
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Company Motto
  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Specialization 
  • Diversification
  • Mutual Respect
  • Non-political
 'The Beauty of Multi-tasking'
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Service Motto:
  • to help organizations understand the retail market(s) and tackle issues relating to retailing;
  • to help organizations grow their operations and broaden their business potential for expansion;
  • to help organizations enhance quality standards and increase competitive edge;
  • to assist organizations sharing the same corporate values.
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'Think Asia Think HONG KONG' 
The Retail Industry in Hong Kong  constitutes one of the most important service sectors.   As a Core part of the domestic and tourism market, the Industry covers over 60,000 Retail establishments encompassing a wide spectrum of businesses in different retail formats and categories.  Total Retail Sales reached HKD$475.2 billion in the Year 2015, and USD$74 Billion in Sales Value (Retail and 
Restaurant sales).    Please go to Retail Index  on a breakdown of the ` latest ' monthly  Retail  and <  Restaurant Industries'
Sales figures and performance  for the year.     Highlights* : 
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Go Shopping !    Central Market  中環街市
Total Retail and Restaurant INDUSTRY Sales Growth for the Years 2010-2014  +HK$186 Billion
Hong Kong serves as an important platform for Cultural Exchange, Cross-channel Industry collaborations, and for International players to establish a foothold in this part of the region, to gain knowledge, exposure and support to access the Mainland and Asian markets, vis a vis Mainland retailers and organizations hoping to expand beyond their domestic territory to tap the Hong Kong and International markets.
Challenges and opportunities abound in this highly sophisticated market while competition continues to intensify as the Retail Industry grows on par with the Diversification of the Hong Kong Economy.
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Key Facts                       
 中國企業「走出去」CHINA/HK 'Going Out' Initiative / Silk Road「一帶一路」
  • Retailing - ranks among the second largest service sectors in Hong Kong.    There is  No GST / Sales Tax  in Hong Kong.
  • Domestic Consumption makes up the bulk of the total Retail sales in Hong Kong.          
  • Shopping is the prime Lifestyle activity for HongKongers.
  • Hong Kong's Service Industries account for close to 100% of GDP.
The leading Retail Advisory and Consultancy in Hong Kong serving International retailers, Global retail networks,
and organizations with an interest in Retailing & related Industries
Industry Advisory
* Education / Training * Research / Studies * Business Consulting * One-Stop Resources * Collaboration with International Organizations * Management Excellence
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